Alone at the Table

S1E10 - 10 - Wreck This Deck by Becky Annison (PART 2)

1 year ago

Episode Notes

Welcome to Alone at the Table. I'm glad you're here.

In this episode, I bring you part two of my playthrough of Becky Annison's solo journaling game, Wreck This Deck.

You can check out the crowdfunding campaign for the game here - it runs til the end of June! Check out my and others' playthroughs by searching for the #WreckThisDeckRPG hashtag on social media.

You can check out the game and other works at

Content Warnings:

  • possession
  • demons
  • ritual magic
  • emotional surveillance
  • death mention

Music for this episode: Dream Escape by The Tides Featherland by Temperature Ghost Beatz by Barracuda Unrelenting by Dakota Mack The Maze by Material Gurl

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